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Our aim is to produce a site that caters for all levels of geological knowledge and all areas of geological interest related to the County of Shropshire.

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Development is on-going and, like many web sites, is not yet 'finished'  - it probably never will be!

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Eventually we hope to be able to provide a one stop shop for those interested in the geology and landscape of Shropshire. You will find that some pages have more detailed information than others. Please bear with us and return to the site from time to time to see what is new such as, for example:

Building Stones - how rock gives an area its distinctive character

Wonder as you Wander Trail Guides

Links to popular pages concerning Shropshire Geology

Why is Shropshire important for geology?


If you have a query about geology in Shropshire or if you have any comments about this web site (such as what information you would like to see), please do not hesitate to tell us your ideas by sending an email to the Secretary or contact the relevant officer as listed here, and we will try to find the answer or pass it on to an appropriate person.

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