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GeoTrails Project

With the help of some external funding, the Shropshire Geological Society (under the project guidance of Andrew Jenkinson) has put together a series of geological discovery trails for a number of areas within the County:

Ironbridge Gorge - "from ancient tropical seas and equatorial forests"

Haughmond Hill - "the rock beneath the trees and in the view"

Lyth Hill and Sharpstone - "from a 550 million year old viewpoint to a big hole in the ground"

Llanymynech Hills - "from corals to coal; quarries to kilns"

Severn Valley: Bridgnorth to Highley - "from desert sands to glacial torrents"

Titterstone Clee and Clee Hill - "from 300 million years old tropical swamps and volcanic activity to coal mines and quarries"

 Titterstone Clee (on-line version)

Wenlock Edge - "from tropical seas to a wooded escarpment"

Around the Wrekin - "from ashes to ice: the making of Shropshire's favourite hill"


High quality PDF or printed copies are available from Scenesetters on behalf of the Shropshire Geological Society at a modest cost. Click here for details of price and availability.


A compilation of other geology field guides relating to Shropshire can be seen by clicking here.