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Coundmoor Track - Track/roadside - SJ 553 035 to SJ 559 036


Structure and Stratigraphy/Stratigraphy


Main exposure is Precambrian (Uriconian Volcanics) but there are small exposures of Ordovician (Hoar Edge Grit and Harnage Shale; Caradoc Series) and what appears to be Lower Ordovician (Sheinton Shale; Tremadoc).

Date of Last Survey: 20/01/2000

Main exposure of Uriconian Volcanics is generally rhyolitic with some more basic rock. The rock is badly weathered and rotten with evidence of being broken by faulting. On the right of the exposure the rock looks as if it is bedded vertically but this is probably the result of faulting and it is part of a shear zone. Here, there is considerable hematite staining. The exposure continues above the main face for another 2-3 m but the rock is covered with ivy and no detail can be seen. Along the track towards Cound (Eastward), Hoar Edge Grit is exposed and near the foot bridge and confluence (SJ 559036) there is a good exposure of a different, probably Sheinton Shale.


Track becomes a public footpath a few metres beyond the Uriconian Volcanics exposure. Access is easy and one can examine the rocks close at hand. Parking is limited to two cars at the ford (SJ553034).



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