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The Hermitage, Bridgnorth - Quarry (disused) - SO 728 934




Permian (Bridgnorth Sandstone) and Lower Triassic (Kidderminster Conglomerate). Dudley and Bridgnorth 1967. New names from Telford Sheet.

Date of Last Survey:

This is a striking exposure of the wind-blown Bridgnorth Sandstone with its clear cross-bedded units reflecting a desert environment. It is possible to reach the face to examine the texture of the millet-seed and grains and the nature of the dune bedding. The rock is uniformly fine-grained and red-brown in colour. Cement is scanty and although the rock stands up well as a cliff face, it crumbles readily. Dip of beds is about 7 E. The Kidderminster Conglomerate has large rather angular clasts of Carboniferous Limestone, marl and quartzite with scattered pebbles of igneous origin held in a coarse sandy matrix. This represents the basal unit of the Lower Triassic, deposited by a major north-flowing river system during flash floods in a semi-arid climate. It rests unconformably on an eroded Permian surface.


Via steps and footpath fromA454. Some barbed-wire obstacles.


1) M. Rowlands, List of Prime Sites, 1987 2) BGS Dudley & Bridgnorth Memoir (1947) - Sheet 167


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