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Wenlock Edge Knowle Quarry - Quarry (disused) - SO 585 977


Fossils and Sedimentology/Stratigraphy


Silurian: Wenlock Series: Much Wenlock Limestone Formation. Sheet 152 or SO59.

Date of Last Survey: 03/02/2000

The quarry illustrates very well the relationship between bioherm reef and inter-bedded nodular and uniform Silurian limestones of the Wenlock Series. There are thin beds of shale which weather more quickly and form recesses. A good example of arching can be seen above the reef. The south end of the quarry has uniform thin beds of stratified limestone and shale. At the north end is a fault with calcite vein. Reef-building stromotoporoids and colonial corals, mostly tabulate, are abundant and many other typical fossils are found, e.g. crinoids, brachiopods inc. Leptaena depressa, bryozoans, Poleumita discors and centrifugus and occasional trilobite fragments. Quarry is approx. 40 m wide and height of exposures is up to 8 m. At the bottom of the steps at the S. end is a smaller exposure showing reef structures and stratified limestone. Here it is possible to examine the face close up.


This quarry is 4.5 km SW of Much Wenlock. Access from NT car park and public footpath. It is necessary to keep to the paths here in order to protect wild flowers.


1) Pocock: 'Shrewsbury District Memoir' to Sheet 152. 2) Hain: 'The Geology of the Wenlock Edge Area'. Sheet SO 59. 3) SSSI report; Ref.15WJJ 1986.


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