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SGS Fieldtrips

Arrangements for meeting are given in the latest Newsletter. Anyone wishing to attend should telephone or email the co-ordinator for the meeting you wish to attend, as shown in the programme below, at least 48 hours in advance of the activity. Please arrive 15 minutes before the start time to enable all administration to be completed, to avoid delaying the start of the trip.

All participants are registered on the understanding that they agree to comply with the Society's Fieldwork Policies and Procedures. These are designed to comply with current Health & Safety legislation, and are for your safety as well as that of other participants and the Society officers who have organised the event.

Members aged under 16 must be accompanied on Society fieldtrips by an adult.

Some events have an attendance charge, indicated where known. An additional daily membership charge of 3 is levied for attendance by those who are not existing Members of the Shropshire Geological Society, although this will usually be offset against the fee for becoming a full Member should you then decide to join the Society on the day.


Please note that, whilst open to all Society Members, the Rockhops (marked in purple) are primarily intended for Members who are beginners to geology.

Saturday 02 September 2017: afternoon meeting: Ercall Quarry, 2.00pm at the Ercall Wood car park, immediately south of the bridge over the M54 on the Forest Glen to Wellington road (SJ 646 103). Leader: Andrew Jenkinson. A walk around The Ercall and adjacent areas to see how the evolution of this corner of SJ60 is clearly illustrated in the geological variety from Precambrian times to the Permian. Booking to reserve a place and obtain joining instructions from Andrew Jenkinson; email: andrew @; telephone: 01938 820 764.


The following fieldtrips have provisionally been arranged for 2018. Details will be notified when they become available. In the meantime the leaders have been listed, from whom further details may be obtained. Their contact details are here.

Saturday 11 August 2018: Westwood Quarry (Wenlock Edge; lots of fossils!). Leader: Frank Hay.

Saturday 29 September 2018: Llanymynech. Leader: Andrew Jenkinson.


SGS Lectures

From Autumn 2018 the monthly lecture meetings will be held in room 019 at the University Centre, Guildhall, Frankwell Quay, Shrewsbury SY3 8HQ.  The main building is raised above ground level, having been built to continue to function when the River Severn floods. There are two ways into the building.  Either the entrance more less opposite the pedestrian footbridge over the River Severn or go further along the main frontage overlooking the river and under the Arch/covered corridor and up the steps. Whichever way you enter the building just follow the signs for reception. 

For those of you not familiar with Shrewsbury, there is a large car park adjacent to the building.  However, this car park is prone to flooding, so please think of possible alternative parking in the event of one of our meetings being affected. 

Meetings commence at 7.00pm for 7.30pm.

(a nominal charge is levied for attendance by non-Members)

Wednesday 10 October 2018: Escaping Snowball Earth (guest speaker: Prof. Ian Fairchild, University of Birmingham)

Wednesday 14 November 2018: Education at the Lapworth Museum (guest speaker: Anna Chrystal, the Lapworth Museum)


Other Shropshire Meetings

Below is a list of events organised by other societies that may be of interest to Members. Note that a charge may be levied for attendance. Prior booking is recommended - contact details are shown where known. Details of the organisations are also listed here.

Monday 17 September 2018: 19.00 for 19.30 start; The Shropshire Mammoths (speaker Adrian Lister of the Natural History Museum, London). Located in Ludlow Library, Upper Galdeford SY8 2PG. Fee payable (4).

Various dates throughout the summer 2018: Rocks that make the Landscape: walks led by local geologists to places such as Cardingmill Valley - details 01694 722 631 - in association with the Shropshire Hills AONB (fee payable; for details click here)

February 2018: Darwin Festival organised by the Shropshire Wildlife Trust (click here for details); this will include a talk by Martin Rudwick on Darwins First Career, in the Walker Theatre, Shrewsbury on Sunday 11th February 2018; until 2015 there was also a programme organised by a bespoke committee, but it no longer appears to be active (click here for details).

Saturday & Sunday 15 & 16 September 2018: Open Day at Snailbeach Mine (click here for details, including other events)



If you notice any errors on this page, please report them by sending an email to the Society at: info @ (do not include any spaces).


If you would like to inform the Society of any other meetings, please send an email to the Newsletter Editor at: pertam @  (do not include any spaces).