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ISSN 1750-855X (Print)
ISSN 1750-8568 (Online)

List of Issues

(2018) Current Proceedings are published first on-line. Click here to see

(2017) No.18

(2012) No.17

(2011) No.16

(2010) No.15

(2009) No.14

(2008) No.13

(2007) No.12

(2006) No.11

(1994) No.10 *

(1990) No.9 *

(1989) No.8 *

(1988) No.7 *

(1987) No.6 *

(1986) No.5 *

(1984) No.4

(1983) No.3

(1982) No.2

(1981) No.1


Annual compilations of the Proceedings are printed and distributed to the major geological libraries and resource centres where they may be accessed. Click here for contact details.

Both high resolution digital and printed copies may be obtained through Scenesetters, who will be happy to provide current charges and process your order.

* scan of original lithograph also available.


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